Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As you get acquainted with this blog, you will see, I only rave about things I am passionate about. And, what woman is not crazy about fine jewelry… even if it’s just to admire on others, drool over on the internet, or covet the shops.
My friend Dale’s Diamond jewelry is the highest quality and simply divine. Since its spring, and love and such is in the air…. with all the weddings, and engagements coming up… It’s nice to know about Dale. She’s a winner, when it comes to shimmer.
When she’s not busy advising me on my blog and everything else that I come to her with (she truly is a wonderful friend)…she is mulling over gemstones with that magnifying glass of hers. This savvy New Yorker can be an asset to you if you are in the market for any kind of exceptional jewelry. If that were not true, I wouldn’t be gushing over her gems at all. Like Dale’s Private Collection, my readers are priceless. I value the time you give me by coming to this blog. I am only enthusiastic over things I believe you will enjoy and appreciate. I feel if I like something chances are my readers will to.
Check out the brilliance at and see for yourself. My favorite is the Tulip Diamond Engagement Ring. Whose hand wouldn’t look pretty in that? On the other hand (no pun intended) there’s that dreamy Victorian ring. Let Dale’s amazing array of rings & things dazzle you too.

Ageless Tip of The Week: >Don’t Wait to ADORN YOURSELF!

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