Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I was thrilled when my family recently accepted an invitation to a party at my place. At the same time, I discovered this fabulous new French Fusion Liquor and all the cocktails you could make with it.

One drink that stood out was what they called a Tickled Pink. It’s made by pouring two-thirds champagne into a flute glass, and topping it off with the X-Rated Liquor, which consists of imported French Vodka, Sicilian Blood Orange, mingling with Mango and Passion fruit. I knew my family would appreciate this rich brew. And the theme for my party was created ---- Tickled Pink.

I sent out sparkling Pink Invitations promising there would be a prize for the best pink outfit or accessory. I compiled a CD of dancing music, featuring the Rebirth Brass Band and of course Pink’s, Get This Party Started. I ordered the food, and a Pretty Pink Cake by a local French baker.

The day of the party I hung a funky Pink Flamingo wearing a top-hat & green socks, on my front door, and placed Pink Balloons around the entrance. Then the magic happened….The first person to enter brought me a dozen pink roses in a pink vase, with a pink ribbon. The second person showed up in a gorgeous pink pashmina scarf (which they let me borrow). Even two of my brother in-laws wore pink shirts! And, as they held me up for this picture, everyone told me they loved me! I was so happy I blushed.

The party was so much fun that I am already thinking about my next celebration…
There is this tempting Red Velvet Cake I am crazy about. And, one of my friends is a red-head. Another gets embarrassed at the drop of Aunty’s Red Hat! I’d say this has potential…. Your ideas are welcome…

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