Friday, April 16, 2010


He is off to a good start...

According to my nutritional bible, The World’s Healthiest Foods, by George Mateljan, aside from lowering cholesterol, and adding fiber to our diets, apples promote heart health, digestive health, lung health, and optimal health! If this isn’t reason to eat two apples a day, then I’ll eat my hat! Apples are full of potent antioxidants that bolster the body’s immune system. And they also have high concentrations of anti-inflammatory flavinoids. The more research done on this amazing fruit, the more we see its immeasurable value to our health

What are you waiting for….go grab a bag of apples right now….your body will thank you many years from now…And, if you eat nothing else, eat organic apples. For what you get in return, they are worth their weight in gold.

As an added bonus, as I researched for this article, I found some sites suggesting that apples help us with weight control, and have superb anti-aging effects. I would like to hereby make The Apple the official fruit of this blog Ageless! And I ask all my readers to take a pledge with me now. Let’s promise to eat an apple a day (at least five days a week). Then forty years from now, we can all get together and tout our toned bodies, our long hair, and our smooth skin, as we celebrate our longevity. We’ll sip Apple Martinis in bikinis. That goes for Aunty too…since she eats them by the bushel she could easily make it to 140!

Ageless Tip of The Week, don’t forget chewing well is a good rule for eating any food. The more a piece of food is chewed, the easier it is for the digestive system to extract its goodness.

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