Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I make a habit of living fully in the moment and luckily it’s paying off. I call this blog Ageless because, aunty and I have been fortunate to have a great deal of love in our life, and take good care of each other. Our clean living is paying off. No one has ever guessed our actual age. The fact that I have my trademark chutzpah helps too. I don’t hear no. I never sit in the back row. I always find my way to the front and often backstage. In this case, on the stage! At a recent performance of the Donkey Show, I was so in the moment, the music and the setting just lifted me into the realm of pure fun. At one point, I jumped on stage and started dancing with one of the characters from this fantastical piece of live theatre!

We all know there is more than enough pain and suffering around us. Any chance we get to create, or dive into pure unadalatured fun… I say we should embrace it head on. Don’t just go though the motions > Star in your own life! There is plenty of room up here for you. The world is your stage too. Don’t let me (and the guy in the bikini) have all the fun.
For more information on the Donkey Show go here

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Kittie Howard said...

Go, Girl, go! If I'd been there, I'd have been up there!

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