Monday, June 21, 2010


Summer CakeJ

Happy Summer….
Surf’s up
Hang five, or is it ten?
Any way you look at it, this is the perfect time of year to be Ageless~

And now that summer is officially here, and my friend Helen Sunshine just told me it’s the happiest day of the year…this blog is on vacation. Well, not really. I am just considering entering the contest that Oprah’s network is running. They have something called Your Own Show. My understanding is, it is going to be a reality TV show about having your own show, and ultimately someone does. Since several people have called  encouraging me to try out, I am looking into putting a video together this week. The deadline is Friday, so there is a lot to do. I promise to keep you posted.

I realize I have a better chance of becoming president of the United States than having even a cup of tea with Oprah, but, let’s just say I am doing it for Aunty.

Check back later this week….this is only the first day of summer….there is much more to come.

By the way, at a family gathering recently, from a distance someone thought I was my teenage niece. Okay, maybe they don’t have the best vision, but, regardless, looks like this blog is working~ 
Keep up and you'll be kept up tooJ!


Vicki Rocho said...

mmmmm...I'll take a piece of that cake, please.

whatever.. said...

Renee for President! I like it.
Sarah Palin watch out...

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