Thursday, July 15, 2010


A Real China Doll~

Aunty likes to copy everything I do. If I wear a dress, she does too. If I buy a new lipstick so does she. And, if I blog about turning Japanese, then she must blog about turning Chinese.

Everyone enjoyed my post about how much I love, and am influenced by the Japanese culture. Aunty did not want to be upstaged by her niece, so she pulled out her shirt that was made in China, grabbed her chopsticks and her Chinese cup which she borrowed from a joint called Lucky Moon. She reminded me how much she enjoys oolong tea. She boasts…“That’s the kind they serve in Chinese restaurants you know, and the type that little old Chinese men drink.” In copious amounts, I might add.

She just ran with this Asian thing. She even posed for a photographer with her china tea cup. Is it me, or does it look like Aunty is saying… sure my niece Renee is turning Japanese, but I am a China Doll? I say she is a Chinese Copy Cat!

Any way you look at it, we are having rice for dinner tonight. And, one thing Aunty and I agree on is that both cultures have an appreciation of tradition, family, honor and beauty, just like she and I do.

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MinistryOfScience said...

Auntie looks quite buzzed in the first picture - sure that's not "Irish" tea?

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