Friday, July 2, 2010


Dressing for the occasion...

Ever since I was a young girl, I always felt proud when I looked at the flag. I loved how the strong colors waved in the wind, and how we would place our hand over our heart when we said the Pledge of Allegiance… to the flag….

Over the years I have come to celebrate the stupendous occasion of Independence Day, in all sorts of ways. From enjoying family cookouts, concerts, block dances, beach days, bike rides, and dazzling fireworks, my July 4th’s have always been memorable. To show my patriotic enthusiasm, I have always worn something red, white, and blue, as seen above from my high-school years.

Not much has changed as far as my celebratory spirit...last year, at the James Taylor Concert at Tanglewood, I wore handfuls of gigantic red, white, and blue necklaces, and in bright red patent leather sandals I walked around giving those festive trinkets out to the crowds.

Aunty wore a red, white, and blue sequin tie…

 This year I’ll be wearing shimmery red stilettos, a white halter top, and blue jeans to a vegetarian picnic. Wait a minute …. can I wear high-heels to lawn party?

Do you have a favorite way to celebrate the Fourth of July? A favorite tradition or a special Fourth of July memory…..

Mine is the few times I spent this holiday at a place called Camp Ladd… every fourth of July the tradition has always been that the men wear bow-ties and go out to pick the blueberries. The women sit by the lake and shell the peas. The cook collects apples in her apron to make her homespun apple pie. After a sumptuous repast, everyone , including old grandfathers and great uncles help with the dishes before sitting on the back porch for a family sing-a-long. Later the entire clan saunters into town to enjoy the fireworks and twirl sparklers. This rich tradition has been going on for over a hundred years, and for a short time I was part of it.

Ageless Tip of the Week: Shout from the rooftops… ~GOD BLESS AMERICA! And KEEP UP TRADITION~

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Great photo's!
I'm hoping it's nice and quiet around here on the 4th.

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