Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This Fourth of July I ended up in Boston (the birthplace of the American Revolution) in the midst of half a million people, watching an astounding 15, ooo fireworks!

What the Boston Globe calls “A poignant blend of patriotism and pageantry” is something I will never forget. If you enjoy living in the moment, and the rewards of a better quality of life that come from being able to do so… the place to be on the the Fourth of July, is the Esplanade in Boston. It is gush worthy.

Sure, there are crowds galore, and the heat could slow you down a bit, but, if you love a grand celebration, this is hard to beat. I got so caught up in the moment, with my love for this country, and the energy from the crowd, I literally started to jump for joy when they played those patriotic songs like This is My Country and I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, at levels so high that a million people could hear. The rush I felt for Old Glory, and being surrounded by my family, just made me leap up, and I became a Patriotic Pogo Stick. Everything I had on was red, white, and blue, including the flashing neon sunglasses. I have been waiting for the opportunity to use this word again, the entire experience really was groovy~

The Ultimate Ageless TIP OF THE WEEK, (and you have heard this one before)….SEIZE THE MOMENT!


Unknown said...

that was so much fun auntie! you know how to have a good time :) love and miss youu!

Anonymous said...

Patriotic pogo stick! LOL. Too cute.

Renee Gold said...

booksbybarefoot... thanks for the comments!!! YOu and your title books by barefoot are too cute 2!!!

and, Madison... Aunty loves you a whole bunch...no matter how gorgeous you are!

MinistryOfScience said...

Excellent post, Renee! Keep 'em coming!

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