Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The One and Only, Ageless Aunty~

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well look at this one and tell me what it says to you. I see it as Ageless with Aunty is working. Everything I suggest on this blog, from eating apples, to drinking green tea, and dancing with enthusiasm just because… well, it’s apparently working for Aunty. She follows, and lives this blog and I am delighted with the way she looks and feels. Could she actually be getting younger? I am also seeing the imperative role a good attitude plays in the aging game. The fact that she is always happy yields better results than any face lift would.

Someone said to me the other day… “I hope I look half as good as Aunty does when I am 86.” With this picture in mind, I can say…Follow our blog and you will~

As promised, vacation stories coming soon, and for anyone who might be wondering what ever happened with my TV audition for Oprah’s new reality show… I was not selected as a finalist. I am okay with that. I honestly didn’t think I would be (my audition was not properly prepared or polished) but, I did enjoy the process, and I have that lovely little interview with Aunty to cherish. You can still see that footage on my Facebook Page, just scroll down on the left and hit the video link.

Coming Soon, a YouTube video of Ageless Aunty in action. Betty White may have some serious competition! In Aunty’s own words… “Watch Out.”

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