Wednesday, December 15, 2010


  Front page of Newburyport Daily News

My Christmas Spirit made headlines!  All I was doing was keeping up tradition with my friends, when a photographer stopped to take our picture. Here it is! We were so excited. We still are.

What you can't see is our flashing jewelry and lively soundtrack. I always carry my tiny boom-box filled with hard-to-find holiday music to every stroll. People passing by often gather round to listen, and  usually ask where I find such songs like, Santa Claus Needs Some Loving, and Jingle Bell Jamboree.

So, don't ever let the holidays get you down. Keep your spirits up @ Ageless with Aunty.

This is your Christmas Blog Extravaganza! Let's make the most of this joyous season.

Aunty was out late last night at a holiday party dancing like a true belle-of-the-ball at 86. One party-goer commented, "She should be on Glee!" We all agreed, she is amazing. We'll be posting some of her energetic tips soon and spreading more cheer.
So much more to come. Stay tuned.


Jessica Knight said...

So happy to see you gracing the covers of newspapers - and in a tiara of course!! Love it!

carroll said...

This is the year Renee. Your rock and roll manuscript is a movie waiting to happen. As a matter of fact, your life is a I Love Lucy screenplay! Stay Ageless.

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