Monday, December 6, 2010


I want to write and tell you all about the Christmas Stroll in Newburyport. My Friends and I had so much fun spreading Christmas Cheer. Word of our annual merrymaking spree got out. We found ourselves on the pages of the Newburyport Newspaper!

You will hear all about it soon. I just have to get rid of the mouse in the house! It's so cozy where Aunty and I live, the Christmas mouse seems to have made himself at home. Maybe he smells that amazing Egg-Nog coffee brewing, or enjoys Dean Martin singing Baby, it's Cold Outside. Unfortunately, the real mouse is not carrying a wreath, smiling, or singing, like the little guy above, here.

Once we deal with our visitor, I will be back on the blog with all my Christmas exploits. I even hit the Breakers in Newport wearing a flashing string of lights. Now, that"s a mansion. And, when the guards weren't looking, I shot some pictures for you.

Until then, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of mice? One neighbor suggested Bounce dryer sheets. An online site suggested peppiment oil. But, turning down my Christmas spirit is not something I can do, even if that's what it takes to drive Mr. Mouse away.


Carol E Wyer said...

Hello! I have somehow stumbled across your blog and loved the part about your ageless aunt. As for mice we've had the same problem. Hubby baited a small trap with a raisin...I think it scared the mouse probably didn't like fruit.There are humane traps too where you canb catch the little blighter and then let it go..preferably not inyour neighbour's yard! Good luck.
I am now your latest fan/follower and am off to snoop round your blog (hope that's okay).
Please drop by and visit my blog or follow if you would like.
Warmest wishes.
Carol from

Holly said...

My father would put peanut butter in a Havahart trap - worked every time. Easy to get at a pet store. Then you have to remove it to somewhere. Not sure where.

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