Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Santa's Uggs?

I had to look twice, because I thought my holiday daydreaming was getting the best of me again, but, these festive boots are for real. A pretty elf passed me by and I asked her if she wouldn't mind posing for my blog. She said she is all for anything "ageless" and agrees, we adults need to have more fun! Judging from her buoyant attire, she walks her talk. So, she posed and I clicked.

These adorable fury-foot-things remind me of what the trendy folks at the North Pole might be wearing in this new millennium. Even Aunty wants a pair now. But the hip elf forgot to mention where you find them.

I will put a call into Santa Claus. He knows me well. We are on a first name basis. He tells me to call him "Santa," because I am all about everything Christmas. If they ever make an Elf two, I have just got to be in it. My family says, my spirit alone could fuel Santa's sleigh. These boots, once I find them, will help me prepare for the role. 

Get in touch with your inner child this Christmas. The results may suprise you.


brianamet said...

Renee...did you go into a time machine and travel back in time? I can't believe how incredible you look!! Simply beautiful, hon!!! Luv, Bre

Renee Gold said...

Thanks so much bre.... I love you! To be perfectly honest, this particular picture is from two years ago. But, the blog does help... i call it AGeless because i think if you keep your heart open, and allow the child inside to emerge...the results will be a healthier and happier life. This really works. Look at Aunty. She is my role model. She is the happiest person i know. She is more like 16 then 86. She glows with pure love. Now that's Ageless.

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