Thursday, December 2, 2010


Brittany & Emma

There is always a reason to visit Vermont. For me, it's an obvious one, my darling niece Brittany.

She moved there last year and loves it. She wants me to move there too, and knows I have considered it. I  enjoy cross country skiing, Green Mountain Coffee, and fresh air.
Good Vibrations by Lake Champlain

Brittany doesn't know this yet, but, during my next visit, I am going to crash one of her college parties. I never partied (ever) while I was getting my degree. So, I have this urge to live out the scene in Old School, where Mitch has a party and Snoop Dog shows up to rap! I can rap too!

Life is what you make it! Take it. Shake it. Sit by the Lake-it! Awake-it. Partake it!

Gee, I hope there is a frat party in my future....

While in Vermont, visit the Dobra Tea house. It's exotic (you can't tell this from the web) and delightful. Just one of the many hidden cool spots in the Green Mountain State.

BTW, Emma the toy puppy pictured above, was just one of the sites we saw at Shelburne Vineyard wine tasting. She fit into one of the goblets.
~Raise your glass to Vermont, and good grades all around~

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Kittie Howard said...

Your niece is beautiful! You're all in a beautiful state. Spent Christmas there last year, about 90 miles from Canada. It snowed and snowed in that magical winter wonderland.

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