Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I love my Aunty so much that I have given up a huge portion of my life to take care of her. If I occasionally think my career as a writer might be further along if I did not have such an immense responsibility, I immediately realize that is not the case at all. My precious Aunty is my Academy Award, Bestseller, motivation, and inspiration! And, she is so much fun to be with. We keep each other happy.

As a gift to my readers I share these recent snapshots of Aunty, and the sentiment behind them. If Aunty can pick up her first golf club at 87 years old…there is no excuse for you, at 30, 40, 50, or 60, not to take up something new and exciting. As a bonus, experts now say it’s good for the brain. So, stay sharp by following Ageless (with) Aunty ….

Next, Aunty catches a wave, or something brave and daring....After all, life shrinks or expands in accordance to one's courage!


Porky Pie said...

Wow, inspiring. No reason at any age to grumble in life. Thank you.

Starless said...

Aunty looks great in those pics!!

Macrobid said...

It reminds me of some saint who did this for his mother.Truely inspiring..


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