Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ageless Aunty Day After Derby
The most famous and respected horse race in the world, Kentucky Derby, held its 136th event a few days ago, on Saturday, May 01, 2010, ...Run For The Roses at Churchill Downs.

I am still not sure if Aunty realized she had missed it.

When she put this hat on Sunday morning, I asked her where she thought we were going, and she said... "For a real Mint Julep,"(which of course is the official drink of the race). She had seen me drink one in a tall glass with slushy ice, not a sterling silver Julep cup with powdery shaved ice, which some connoisseur mixologists say is the only way to drink one. I changed the subject, and threw some mint into her tea with a dash of bourbon for good measure... She seemed happy enough, as you can see. She did not mention anything about going to the races after that. Although I think I heard her humming Neil Diamond's Kentucky Woman.

I have always dreamed of going to the Kentucky Derby..... those drinks, those, hats, those horses. I am planning to go next year with Aunty. She has a year to pick out a better bonnet. This one doesn't do her justice. And I will sip a better bourbon concoction too. This time with a straw, shaved ice, frosty sterling cup and all.
Mint Julep
3-4 oz of bourbon
1 oz mint-infused simple syrup
fresh mint leaves
copious amounts of shaved ice
Muddle 1/2 oz of syrup with mint leaves in the bottom of the cup

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