Monday, May 24, 2010


Steve Winwood with Renee Gold and Entourage

My passion in this life, in addition to writing and taking care of my precious Aunty, is music. If it’s a good live concert, I am there. When I am driving in my car, I play the radio or listen to one of my thousand and one CD’s. At home, Aunty and I dance around to all kinds of great music.

Music moves me like nothing else. And, my answer to the question, “If you were on a desert island, and could only bring three things....  is, “My tapes, my CD’s and my I-Pod.”

Two of my (many) favorite rock songs are Low Spark of High Heel Boys, And Can’t Find My Way Home, both written and performed by Steve Winwood, while he was with Traffic and Blind Faith. The songs were a bit before my time, but, I found my way to them none-the-less. They remind me of a time in my life when I was a young girl and so many things were taboo…even songs like that because they were a bit mysterious and so alluring. I get a profound feeling of nostalgia when I hear them. Some of Rock and Roll’s finest moments…

You might be wondering how I met the legendary Steve Winwood. Well, my friends’ fiance was playing in Steve’s band, and placed me on the guest list. I brought my four sisters along. They were so gorgeous,  no one in the band minded at all. They even posed for pictures with us. At the end of the show when the group played an encore of Gimmie Some Loving, which Steve Winwood also wrote, I was dancing all over the aisles and on the seats. I thought I might get thrown own. But, that was in the eighties and things were a bit more lose. However, that high-voltage charge of fun I felt then, I still feel at most live concerts. That is why I keep going. I seem to de-age with every beat. They say Botox is addictive, but for me, it’s the music. And, aside from the fact that these days, I might have to take a hot bath the next morning if I am a little sore from dancing too much, when you use rock and roll to preserve your youth, there is usually no recovery time, or possible complications. Although, beware…concert tickets today probably cost more then Botox!

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