Monday, May 10, 2010


Aunty Did...

We promised to let all our readers in on our Ageless tips. Here you can see Ageless Aunty glowing at 86 years young! All she did was, sip a little champagne, smell some roses, and put on a pair of designer aviator glasses, and viola.... Ageless

It's those little things that add up. And, always be consistent. Doing anything in moderation is also a beauty enhancer. Recent research states that two six ounce drinks a week is fine. Any more than that could increase your risk of breast cancer. So, enjoy a little bit at a time, and stay young in the process. Red wine is good for your heart. Champagne just makes you feel good! Don't forget to be nice too, so someone will want to send you lovely roses to relish.
BEAUTY SECRET #1, Always be looking at someone who loves you!

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Kittie Howard said...

Aunty looked MUCH younger than her years when I first "met" her...and now, months later, she looks even younger. What an amazing lady!

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