Monday, May 17, 2010


                                Aunty and I with a real live poet

When was the last time you read, or wrote poetry, or had someone read a poem to you?

That’s what I thought.

Many of us are too busy, and the last thing we might think of is picking up a poem to read, or taking the time to read aloud to someone we love. We are missing out on an enriching simple joy.

Aunty and I had the distinct pleasure of attending a poetry reading recently and we enjoyed every verse. Our dear friend Meg Kearney is a poet. She read from her latest book of poems called Home by Now. Sitting there listening to the words eloquently flowing off her lips was just a little slice of wonder. Poetry asks you to listen, reflect, and when you are writing, to dig deeper.

I was so inspired I am reading more poetry (including Meg’s poems of course).

Dabble in a few poems if it’s been a while. Read aloud to someone. It’s as simple as packing a lunch, grabbing a blanket, and putting a few poems in your pocket to go sit by the lake. Now that’s Ageless if you ask me. Or, stay right where you are, just grab a pen and paper and go with the flow…

Poetry can bring you to the most amazing places and make you feel alive. It creates enriching conversation when you discuss poems with others. But, most of all, poetry is to be enjoyed. Raindrops on roses might be one of Julie Andrew’s favorite things, but having someone read to me (poetry included) is one of mine. How utterly romantic…I swoon at the thought.

Further reading:
Sound and Sense (and introduction to understanding poetry) by L. Perrine.

For more on the brilliant Meg Kearney, and her poems, go to
Meg is the embodiment of a good poem…stunning, smart, and good company. Oh yes, and she moves you.

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Kittie Howard said...

Oh, but I love poetry on cloudy, rainy days. I admire poets for being able to say so much in so few words.

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