Monday, May 31, 2010


Snatum Kaur

I am in the middle of a memorable Memorial Day Weekend….so perfect I have even caught a glimpse of God…

Friday night a dear friend picked me up and took me to a concert. There is simply something about Friday night that creates excitement…and especially when it’s the start of a long holiday weekend. And, there is something about Snatum Kaur (the singer we were going to see) that sets her apart from other artists. Since I have all of her recordings, and listen to her in my Kundalini Yoga class, I knew I was in for an extraordinary show. Snatum is a young, radiant woman who has a voice that is a profound and compelling talent. Anyone who sits and listens to her will be moved. She wraps you in a warm lavender scented, clean, and cozy blanket, and sings devotional lullaby-byes to you. Well, they may not be lullaby’s’ but she has an innocence that opens your heart. She sings and chants with grace, eloquence, and pure bliss. You will be moved. Her connection to the divine is palpable.

As I sat and listened, my heart just blossomed. When I closed my eyes, the light within shined so brightly…I caught a glimpse of God….

What a better way to start a weekend called Memorial Day …It was only Friday, and my high-spiritedness was already off the Richter scale.

I had another glorious day on Saturday. I found myself surrounded by my family. The reunion was remarkable because we don’t get together often enough, and everyone was there. We laughed, danced and hugged all day long. I felt like I was reaping the blessings bestowed upon me the night before.

On Sunday, as I drove around with another friend, she watched in wonder how our Ageless Aunty chanted every word to one of Snatum’s Kaur’s CD’s…Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo. After witnessing Aunty in all her glory with all her wits about her, humming happily in the back seat, my friend said with glee… “Aunty plays cards, does yoga, sings, and dances. You make her so happy she is going to live to 102.” And with that, we pulled over to the ocean. I poured some ice, mint green tea and we un-wrapped home made sweet potato pie, reveling in Aunty’s amazing youthfulness (the rewards of my hard work and devotion). I may not be famous yet, but, I will not call myself a failure, because I have made, and am keeping, another person genuinely happy.

Today, I get to write to you about all the joy, love, and peace.

What was re-affirmed for me this weekend (with Snatum Kaur as the soundtrack all along) is: when you open your heart in the name of love, anything is possible. Good comes to you. You don’t have to go looking for it…you don’t even have to ask. If you don’t recognize that it’s already there, you will.

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wow thats so fascinating! happy you had a good time!!

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