Sunday, April 4, 2010

Was Your Easter Bunny Wearing a Hat?

Does anyone know what the Easter Bunny really looks like? I guess it doesn’t matter. I just know that when you believe… he, or she, will always show up, in some way, or another.

I was sitting in my living room this past holiday weekend. The heavy rains had stopped and the sun was shining. I could not stop reminiscing about Easters of the past. I guess I should say, those Easter Baskets of the past. You know, Peeps, colored eggs, chocolates, and pretty colored grass. My mom, or Aunty and Uncle D would always fill one for me! It had been a while since I have been given an Easter Basket. At one point I said to Aunty, "Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring us one this year." Just then there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, in came our dear friend Lori. She held out a large gift. She had arranged and filled a special basket just for us. We were so surprised and delighted. Since I am a full grown adult, I suspect no one knew secretly I had been hoping the Easter Bunny really existed and would bring me a basket…and she sure did!

Like I have said throughout this blog, when you believe, things will happen for you. Be aware that what you wish for might look different when it appears. For instance, I wasn’t expecting the Easter Bunny to show up wearing a wide brim hat and Jackie-O glasses. But, she sure looked like spring to me. And, the basket she was bearing was filled with all the treats I recall from my childhood, right down to the Peeps!

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Kittie Howard said...

Your optimism and positive attitude are beautiful! Because they work. I bet your friends think you're their lucky charm! And, my hub lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw his basket. The Easter bunny is childhood magic that lives. And what a beautiful friend you have! (I have a weakness for the Jackie O's!) Happy post-Easter to you and Aunty and Lori.

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