Sunday, December 6, 2009


Get Cozy

You know you must be doing something right if a Goddess like Julia Roberts validates your beauty secret. In a recent interview the stunning actress said, “The key to beauty is to always be looking at someone who loves you.” Bingo! That is it for sure. Take a look at the above picture of Aunty and me. I think you can tell we were glowing from the inside, and we always do. I have the utmost optimal relationship with my great Aunty. It’s one where we both simply continue to give with an open heart to the other without ever keeping score. Miraculously, this way of being creates young cells, and gives a shot of Botox to the old. We don’t look 127 do we?

When you strengthen your bonds with loved ones your barometer of agelessness goes up. Married people might want to stop for a moment and remind themselves what drew them to their spouse in the first place. Rekindle your romance in any way you know how. Allow your partner to love you. And you must make yourself loveable in the first place. Be nice. Smile a lot, even if at times it may feel forced. If agelessness is something you seek, loving kindness is a must. Besides, what’s the alternative?

And if you are single, select your partner and friends carefully. If a person is not able to give and receive love, then what is the point? Trying to change people or putting up with a mean spirited person is damaging to the soul. Create room in your life to improve the relationships you now have, and always be ready for love. That in itself makes you Ageless.

Come back soon….tea time is next! I will confess right now…tea continues to be one of the best beauty boosters.

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Antoinette Molloy said...

I'm such a fan of Julia Roberts! Even though she's 40 something. I think, she's still stunningly beautiful and young! I wanna stay younger like her, maybe I'll try botox treatments to soothe my wrinkles, and make me look prettier than ever.

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