Sunday, March 14, 2010


Brit in Blue...
Pictures like this, of Britney Spears in the coat of my dreams, keep me motivated.

In my office, I have the above picture with my face pasted over Britney’s. I see myself wearing that exact coat in my author photo inside my book jacket. This bright, Sky Blue, Designer Masterpiece, sums up my so-called “colorful” personality.
With other images of things I dream about around my home, my life is slowly morphing into the one I have been working hard to create (through years of perseverance and a clear goal). And, when I meet celebrities (like the ones you see, and will continue to see throughout this blog) I have no problem saying hello, because in my mind I am one of them. And with that attitude, soon I will be!

Do you have a vision board? I think they work. Cut out pictures of how you see your life, any dreams, aspirations you have (the more specific, the better). It starts with a vivid image inside of you. Live like you are already there. Then over time, with intention and focus, true confidence and hard work, your dreams will blossom.

When you see me signing books in frilly full feather … you’ll know it works!

BTW: The Dreamy Blue Coat is a Valentino. According to Elle Magazine’s January 2010 issue, the price is “Available Upon Request.” That means I am going to have to sell lots of books….


Kittie Howard said...

Renee, I looked at your profile photo and thought, Yes, you'd look great in this fabulous blue coat. I My hub and I will be in Venice again this summer, where Valentino has a shop. How did you know it is on my vision board to walk into that shop one day and buy something drop-dead gorgeous? So, keep dreaming, keep writing. I'm here to tell ya, you have a great way with words. Don't forget, Britany's from a small town in Louisiana where not much happens. Everyone has a chance. And please tell Aunty hello. One of my neighbors, Alice, is 83, but like your Aunty looks much, much younger and keeps on the go. However, Alice has this fear that she'll die during the night and no one will know so waits for me to call her each a.m. She tells me her aches...when she senses that I'm thinking nothing's wrong, she perks up and is OFf TO THE RACES...Alice is always on the go...What great women your Aunty and Alice are!

Maria said...

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whatever.. said...

Renee you would look fabulous in that coat! Of course, you already look famous anyway.

Renee Gold said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I do hope to own that coat someday!! Aunty can borrow it. At the rate she is going she will still be around when it happens.

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