Monday, February 7, 2011


Bye-Bye Bow-Wow

Never mind one of those days, did you ever have one of those weeks?! In my last post, I mentioned having “technical difficulties”…but, the truth is, things have been challenging lately.

Two of my closest friends were hospitalized last week. I am on my way to see one of them right now. The other lives out of state, so Aunty and I sent a lovely bunch of flowers from her favorite florist.

Our apartment has been leaky… as in ceiling, walls, and windows, and it’s further driving me crazy because Aunty keeps asking, “What’s that sound?” She’s referring to the dripping of the water into the buckets. What is most upsetting here is, the lack of concern the management company has shown. It’s been nine days, and no one has shown up yet.

As I continue to deal with an unreasonable landlord threatening eviction, an unfair lawyer (who charges you for even thinking of asking him a question), entering my seventh year of care giving…and money rapidly dwindling, I thank God for the Blog! When I write, somehow I connect with an inner strength…the real, authentic Renee…the one who can, and will get through anything this crazy, and often unfair world has to dish out, emerges. As it turns out, I get strength from my blog to see me through. I am a follower just like you. When I read the recent post about Laughter Yoga, I laughed. I was able to diffuse some of the bad energy that has seeped into my life lately. As I mull over this blog, I am reminded that I have the power to turn things around.

But, there is still one more thing making me sad, and it’s something this blog might not be able to help me with….the loss of our beloved family pet, Noodles. My sister had a teacup terrier for almost twenty years! I loved that dog so much I often referred to him as my nephew. Last week, after a long illness that had him blind, lame, and walking into walls, Noodles was put to sleep. We all feel the loss. And, being an animal lover, I feel it a great deal. This is just one of those things the blog can’t really help me with. I have got to mourn the loss of the little guy and just deal with the sadness. During the writing of this post, my sister called to tell me he took his last breath on the cozy little blanket I gave him for Christmas a few years ago.

Sitting here, I realize that any comfort I am seeking with this particular situation, or any for that matter, is not only helped by what's on the blog, but who’s looking at it. That would be YOU!!! Knowing my readers are following Ageless, commenting, and telling others about it, gives me the motivation to keep on trucking….It makes me happy. My problems don’t seem so bad.

Together we make things better for each other. I enjoy writing for you, and hopefully, you enjoy reading what I write. And, whether reading or writing, the message is still the same: We are okay wherever we are. On the other side of these winter blues, illnesses, loss, and any bad energy, is a great big wonderful summer! Sooner or later, everyone will be in a better place, including Noodles! We have to be, we’re Ageless…

Do check out the post on Laughter Yoga if you missed it. Then, scroll around to uplift yourself. This blog has proved to be a magic carpet ride over a bumpy road. It’s about to take off again…and there is plenty of room for you.


pam said...

R.I.P. Noodles, you were loved.

brianamet said...

RE -we had to put Ruby down today after 14 years. I can understand your grief. People can't imagine the huge impact have on our lives and how they are just as much a part of the family as anyone can be. We're doing a lot of crying but trying to hold onto the 14 WONDERFUL years we got to share with her. Try to remember the good times with Noodles, too! LUV U! Bre

Jessica Knight said...

Renee, you are amazing for staying so positive in spite of everything life thows at you! Your strength and personal spirit are such an inspiration for all of us. <3

2012 Medicare Advantage Plans said...

Hugs to you Renee. Keep strong and focused just as you have always been.

RIP Noodles. You've been a part of a family that loved you and that you've loved back. I'm sure you will forever be in their heart.

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